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Awesome. So I’ve been banned from Smite for the third time now, with no explanation at all as to what I did wrong. I’m 99% sure that I get reported a lot by angry and spiteful teammates who are uspet about losing and looking for someone to point a finger at, but the login screen said “banned for match griefing for 70 hours”. Match griefing implies leaving or quitting matches, or intentionally feeding, none of which I do.

I’m convinced Hirez doesn’t even confirm their reports. They must just tally all the reports someone gets and ban them when they accumulate enough. That has to be it, because I’m not toxic, I don’t leave games, and I don’t intentionally feed. Why else would I get banned?

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been banned from a game before, let alone this many times. Their punishment system is completely broken. Anyone can report anyone else for anything they want, and if enough people do it, that person gets banned. Unbelievable. I guess I need to make several smurf accounts because my two mains are constantly getting banned for mysterious reasons with no explanation at all. Thinking back, I honestly can’t imagine what I did so many times that I needed to be banned for it. Unless playing normally, trying to win, and casually reminding my teammates to buy wards is against the rules, then holy shit am I guilty as hell.

Until then, fuck you, Hirez. Fuck you. I was going to buy the god pack and some gems, but not if they’re going to chase off loyal customers with random bans during a free gem event. What a bunch of incompetent assholes they are. The least they could do is tell me what I’m banned for with proof, without me having to hunt down their support email on their website.

Smite is a fun game, but holy shit is their banning policy broken.

Why is it so hard to find a decent team in conquest these days? None of my matches today have gone beyond 14 minutes because my team always ends up losing their lanes badly and surrendering. Most games, l can’t even get 2 items built. I HATE playing 50 bad games before I finally get a decent team that doesn’t fight in chat or feed in the game.

You’d think after so many games, it would be my team getting the 10 minute surrender free win, but nope.

So… l’m about ready to give up on this game. It feels like l’m never going to get a win today. Especially those last two games where I went positive, but still lost because my teams were just a complete mess. Jesus fucking christ… where do I start. Let’s recap the kind of people I’ve had on my teams today, and why I can’t get even get a single win today after dozens of games:

- One guy, who didn’t call anything in conquest, instalocked Loki, trash talked us in chat for calling him out, and then straight up quit the game in the first 3 minutes because we (and I quote) “aren’t worthy to play” with him.

- A support Freya. That’s right, started out as support Freya. We begged him to change, so he asked if he could go Chaac support. The team agreed. So we load in, and he buys meditation and tier 2 boots.  Just… shaking my head. Needless to say, he lost his lane and didn’t rotate at all, and the one time he did, he was zero help.

- A support Chang’e who bought meditation and, you guessed it, tier 2 boots. Did not communicate with the team at all. Didn’t call missing, didn’t ward, didn’t get HOG. Nothing. Also did not rotate, just stayed in lane the whole time. Why call support if you don’t know how to play? I can understand a low level baby game doing this, but a level 30 conquest? Where have you been if you’re level 30 and still don’t know how to play conquest?

- An Ullr who got no actives, Ninja Tabi, and ended up going 3-21. Yep. Three kills (which were probably luck) and TWENTY ONE DEATHS. JESUS CHRIST MAN, ARE YOU EVEN TRYING? I could probably do better than that blindfolded.

- Numerous other teammates who whined and cried and pissed and moaned in chat, and caused such a huge distraction bitching at the jungler that they lost concentration on the game and ended up making critical mistakes that cost us the game. Including but not limited to standing out int he open, in lane, typing in chat, and getting ambushed and killed. I couldn’t fucking believe anyone would be that stupid.

And the worst part of all is, most of my games have been total surrender material before 10 minutes even came, and people just do not want to surrender. All our towers are down, all their towers are up, they’re at least 5-9k gold ahead of us, they have fire giant, and the team just will not surrender. God, I fucking hate that. Holy crap do I hate when teams won’t surrender in a hopeless match.

"But we can still win!" No. No we can’t. We all had our chance to play well, and we just fucked up too much. Every single tower is down, and we weren’t able to take a single one of theirs. It’s over. Can we just move on, try our luck in another match?

No. Apparently, no. No we cannot. We must sit here and suffer through ass beating after ass beating until they finally mercifully decide to end the match and kill our titan. Good lord.

I cannot wait until this fucking gem event is over so I can get back to semi-normal matches with people who actually kinda know how to play the game. I’m not keen on picking on newbies, but jesus god, do your homework before you jump into a high level game. Some of us just want a win. One win.


Rez japanese packaging for collector’s edition (Kanzentousui Set). Graphic design by Tsuyoshi Kusano.

Sega for Playstation 2, 2001.


I am so disgusted how Japan gets all these special edition game packages with all these cool things like headphones, and it’s all in complete english. It’s like they’re saying “Hey, we COULD release this in America, because it’s all in english, but we’ll just keep this little gem to ourselves.”

Fuck you, Japan. Fuck you.

One thing I’m really hating lately is people who blatantly steal kills because they’re trying so hard to carry, then they get really fed, and they think that gives them the right to badmouth their teammates and claim they aren’t doing anything to help. I don’t care what people say, Smite does have one of the worst communities in all of gaming.

When a Mercury is literally 2-shotting me and an Anubis is killing me in half a second with his ult, can you really blame me for playing defensively? Apparently my team can.


Concept art of the new Tekken 7 character, Catalina.

She’ll be playable in the location tests in October, and represents Savate, a Kickboxing style originating in France.

I’m very glad our glorious Harada-sempai has bestowed this new information upon us.

Pretty cool and everything, but I do wish they’d stop putting female fighting game characters in high heels. Nobody would ever wear them to an actual fight. You don’t see Rhonda Rousey or Misha Tate wearing high heels in the octagon, do you? It just looks silly. Give her some boots, or taped feet, or at least some sneakers or street kicks. But high heels in a fighting game? Get out.

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