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Today’s discussion: Who needs a rework?

… Which brings up another point I wanted to make and discuss with you all:

Who needs a rework? This is what I think, and feel free to reblog with comments or message me.

Ares: He’s technically classified as a tank, yet he has no hard cc other than his easily-countered ultimate. He can cripple and lay on some heavy damage over time with his 1-3 combo, he has an ares buff skill that reduces damage and cc duration, and his ultimate’s pretty much a running gag in the community. No peel, pretty high damage for a tank, nothing to help his ADC at all except for the area buff. And hope to land your chain, and hope it helps them get away. He was pretty good when he first came out, but he’s just fallen behind with the power creep and all the new powerful abilities coming out. Kumba outclasses him in the supporty-tank department several times over, Athena has great peel with her taunt, Ymir has his freeze and wall, and there are just so many better choices. I don’t know anyone who’s actually played Ares in high-level ranked or tournaments.

Hades: I think he’s another example of someone who was pretty good when he came out, but has fallen behind and has fallen into kind of a very narrow niche spot in the meta. He’s a lot like Ares in that he has no hard cc other than his ultimate (and his fear, if you count that), and his ultimate is even more easily countered than Ares’ is. As a support, there’s almost nothing you can do about an Anhur or Apollo chasing your ADC. You can fear them, but it won’t do much to stop their chase. You can ult them, but they’ll just dash/jump out of it. Other than that, he just has a teleport and a melee range area attack. Hades is kind of in a confused spot. He’s technically a tank, but he plays better like a mage. But he scales as a tank. But he can’t peel or anything. I think he needs a rework to be reclassified as a mage, or be more defined as a tank. Right now, I don’t even know what he’s supposed to be.

Isis: I think her kit is mostly fine, but it’s her ultimate that needs work. Sure it’s good for sniping people who are almost dead, but that’s not its intended purpose. You’re supposed to throw it down, and let people fight on it to charge it up so you can pop it for massive damage and massive heals for your team. The only problem is… who on the enemy team is gonna be dumb enough to fight on this thing long enough to charge it up so you can pop it on them? Unless you have massive cc set up so your team can stun them long enough, it’s just not gonna happen. Everyone’s gonna run away and fight outside of it. I think she needs a new ultimate, or at least change it so it cripples people like Cupid’s ult, or something. Wouldn’t that make you fear Isis a lot more? As it stands, her ultimate is trash in my humble opinion.

Guan Yu: I discussed this in a previous post, but he’s still pretty garbage with a kind-of-but-not-really passive that isn’t a true passive, it basically just explains his first skill in greater detail, which is stupid. Chaac, Wukong, Osiris, Vamana, Tyr, they all have passives that are separate from their kit, and more useful than Guan’s. Except maybe Odin, but we won’t talk about that. Aside from that, he just lacks the ranged poke or burst damage that almost every other warrior has. The only way to play Guan is to build tanky and dive in, hoping your team follows up. That’s it. You can play him as a very aggressive support, but without any cc, if your ADC gets initiated on, all you can do is wish them good luck. He isn’t very newbie-friendly for someone who’s considered “Easy” by the game’s definition. He needs some kind of hard cc, and some kind of ranged poke to be a good choice, in my opinion.

Other changes I’d like to see that don’t quite require full reworks:

Mercury: It’s way too easy to get fed and carry a game with him, and any little advantage you get will grow exponentially as you snowball. Taking away the on-hit effects on his 1 would do a lot toward bringing him back down to a level playing field with the other gods. He would still be very, very good. It’s just… when you get critted for 1000 damage with his ranged poke (which has actually happened to me), then I think it’s time for a nerf. He gets picked up or banned in almost every game. I think all the red flags are there for Hirez to think about nerfing him. But as we all know, they won’t.

Freya: I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about her, and I’d have to agree. It’s way too hard to shut her down if she gets even a small advantage over you, and her ultimate is just way too hard to deal with. Actually, make that impossible. Way too easy for her to get fed and carry a game, and that shouldn’t be. Maybe take away the slow on her 2, give it to her ultimate, and heavily nerf the damage on her ultimate. That would bring her back down to a fair level so the other gods can compete with her without being destroyed every time or shut down by her ultimate. As it stands, she literally has no weaknesses, her ultimate literally shuts down everyone and everything, and she only gets better as the game goes on.

He Bo: When people describe a god as having three ultimates, you know it’s time for a nerf. At least nerf the damage on his 1 or 3. He can still 3 and follow up with his ultimate for massive damage. I can’t believe Scylla got nerfed but they’ve done nothing significant to He Bo for ages.

if you’re gonna do conquest do NOT pick ares, he’s absolutely horrible because he has pretty much no peel, and his ult is so easily countered, if you want a really good tank, i suggest khumbakarna or sobek, Hun Batz is a great jungler, so he’s a good option, his ult is REALLY powerful and isis is quite underrated, one of my favorite mages, the ult is really good at sniping off low hp targets, just place it down and instacancel and bam, they ded

I get Kumba a lot, so I’m adding him to my future choices. I think Ares isn’t really a true tank because he has no hard cc other than his easily-countered ult, and his kit is more based around damage and annoyance rather than actual peel and support. I think he plays better as a tanky mage-type, kind of a brawler like Athena. The difference is, Athena’s actually good in conquest, Ares isn’t. Ares is good in arena and assault, but not much else.

I personally think Ares kinda needs a rework so he can stay relevant, because he just doesn’t get played in serious matches anymore and he’s totally outclassed by other tanks such as Kumba. Kind of pathetic to see the god of war in such a bad spot.

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