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There really, and I mean really needs to be a south american server on Smite, so all these brazillians and non-english speakers don’t interfere in our games and ruin our matches with their flaming and broken english and trolling. I just had two complete jackasses on my joust team who were in the same clan. Their spelling was horrible and l could barely understand what they were saying to me. Every time I got a kill, they were crying about “ks”. I was playing Artemis. If an Artemis steals your kill, I’d be okay with that. Let her carry, that’s what she’s good for. But they got mad at me for getting kills (most of which would’ve gotten away if I didn’t do something). Then they got mad and stopped helping me. They’d just sit in base and refuse to help me defend the tower, then mock me for dying.

I should note that it’s never my intention to steal kills just to be a douchebag, or to try to “carry” the game. I simply try to get every kill I can, or help someone secure theirs.

Then (and this is the good part), they tried to falsely report me for some bullshit I probably didn’t do, and then encouraged the enemy team to report me, just because they were mad about my supposed “kill stealing”.

Fuckers like these really need their own server so they can wallow in their own filth and go lose games without ruining mine.

If anyone wants to duo-q with me to get their Joust win of the day, I’d be grateful. I’m trying to focus on ADC’s for the time being, but I can play any role and I have over half the gods unlocked.

Smite ADC discussion: Witchblade or Boots?

So recently in a tournament, I heard of an ADC in conquest not starting with boots. Instead, his first item was Witchblade. The commentators thought it was a surprisingly good idea, and I thought about it. Turns out, Witchblade actually is a comparable alternative to boots. Here are the stats, for reference:

Witchblade: Price - 2200
+45 phys protection
+15% move speed
+15% attack speed
Passive: Attack speed/phys power debuff on enemies within 55 units.
(55 units is maximum attack range for ranged characters)

War Tabi: Price - 2150
+30 phys power
+18% move speed
+9% attack speed
Passive: +15 phys penetration

So for 50 more gold, you get 6% more attack speed at the cost of 3% move speed. For an ADC, that’s a good tradeoff if you’re willing to forego the power in favor of defense. If you go this route, the 30 power you’re losing on the boots can be significant to your early game minion clear.

On the other hand, the enemy ADC will be doing significantly less damage to you because of the protection combined with the passive debuff. This will also make ganks from assassins and warriors less effective, and generally give you an edge in any dueling/boxing you do. To really outdamage someone though, you’ll have to probably build Deathbringer early, or get some other kind of power item to make your damage relevant.

If anyone has any thoughts or opinions, reblog or message me. I’d like to know what other people think about this.

A warning about the fake “Smite Sale” going on…

So I was all excited about golden skins being 50% off today on Smite. “Hey, what a great chance to get that golden Artemis skin I’ve been thinking about!” I thought. So I go into the game, check the price. 15,000 favor. Well, maybe the sale hasn’t started yet? Nope. Definitely already started. What the fuck?

Yes, everything’s HALF OFF! …Turns out, in the sleaziest small print one can possibly imagine, Hirez added, “of gem price”.

Really, Hirez? Half off recolor skins… of GEM PRICE? Who the actual fuck wastes their gems on recolor skins when you can buy them with favor and use gems for a gem-exclusive skin instead?

What a letdown. I feel like this was falsely advertised.

If you’re thinking about buying a gold skin and all excited to spend 7500 favor instead of 15k, sorry to break the bad news. This is nothing but a shameless attempt by Hirez to trick you into spending your favor.

Edit: To add to the sleaze, Hirez officially posted this on reddit:

In order to make your week gloriously incandescent, we decided to make all Golden Skins and Recolor Skins 50% off. Starting Tuesday July 29th and lasting until Sunday August 3rd all skins that can be purchased with favor will be half off.

All skins that can be purchased with favor will be half off.

Does it say ANYTHING about gems there? No. It does not. Why even mention favor, if favor has nothing to do with the sale? Why not just say “all recolor and gold skins”? Why not do that?

I’ve already heard stories about people spending 15k favor, expecting some kind of refund, only to never get it and realize the sale is for GEM PURCHASES. Hirez just lowered the bar for themselves.

What was your first Video Game?



Let’s be all a part of this…

Mine was the 32-in-1 Cartridge

System: Atari 2600 Jr.

Please reblog this!!! CxC

This is a hard question for me to answer because my memory is so fuzzy on exactly what I got first. I played a lot of my cousin’s systems before I…

I’m told it was the arcade game Spy Hunter, when I was 5 years old. My parents went to a bar to eat, and let me play just to see how I’d do. The rest is history.


Another young one bites the dust. Tough break, dweeb!

His stupid outfit is the most insane thing in the world. Who wears a short jacket with no lapels, and ropes hanging between your legs while you fight. Yagami Iori, mega-dork. Bless.

Iori’s had his fingers in the strawberry jam again.

You’d think tying his legs together would be more of a self-imposed handicap than a cool fashion statement.

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