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Just when Nemesis was becoming my favorite, she gets nerfed all to hell. Great, now I have to find someone else…

Come to think of it, she’s gotten nothing but nerfs ever since she came out, just like Wukong. Stop nerfing my two favorite gods already, Hirez. Go pick on someone who actually needs it, like Scylla and Ullr! Scylla does over 1000 damage TO A TANK with her ult, and Ullr still has a 2-second ranged stun… and you decide to nerf Nemesis, who nobody plays.

Nice job, you assfucks.

I actually own this and I can confirm it’s actually one of the coolest Game&Watch games in existence. It’s pretty deep for a little handheld game.  There are maps to find, items to collect, weapons to discover, branching paths you actually have to choose between, and a boss at the end of each level (fought on the top screen).




Bastet’s remake is one of the most distasteful things I have ever seen oh my god

They took away all the cat and Egyptianness factor and replaced it with a “kittenized Nemesis [how unnecessarily insanely sexualized Nemesis was is still something I’m very butthurt about]” model…

Did you guys see the original Bastet model? Not only was it scantily clad but it was also pretty gross. A lot of people would agree that it’s a pretty good rework and the buffs made it even better as not many people really played Bastet. And if they made every god to exact description to fit their background then every Greek god would be a bunch of bearded guys and naked chicks, every Norse god would wear cheesy getups that you see in 80’s cartoons, and don’t get me started on the others. The people at hirez are trying their best to give THEIR takes on the models. And we should thank them for working so hard to give us such an aesthetically pleasing MOBA.

Bastet did need a rework because her model was outdated. I was making fun of the people who say that hirez makes scantily clad goddess because its historically accurate. I was trying to illustrate that hirez does have a choice and that a majority of the time they choose overt sex appeal instead of diversity when it comes to female characters. 

The rework isn’t bad. I mean, her model was pretty outdated and low-res looking. She’s now more detailed and more egyptian looking. I disagree that she has a “caucasian looking face”. Sounds like somebody’s just a little too racially sensitive. Her face looks like a typical anime cat character, which is fine for a game. Before, her face was a disaster with those green eyes and yellow rings around them. Her costume is a little more egyptian looking. At least she isn’t naked anymore. I do wish they would’ve kept her gray though, while keeping the tan outfit. I mean, she’s either black or dark gray in almost any and every historically accurate depiction of her. Making her skin tan just humanizes her more and makes her look less cat-like, which kinda… I don’t know, breaks immersion a little bit for me. She’s supposed to be a cat who basically stands upright, not a human woman with cat legs. But I suppose there is the Dominatrix skin for people who still want her to be gray. It’s just too bad her armor is also gray for that skin, giving you an almost monotone color scheme which is very boring to look at.

With that combined with the Wukong nerf, it seems Hirez just can’t do anything right lately.

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