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Secret of Mana — SNES — Squaresoft (1993)

Waterfalls at the belly button of the world.

Oh man. There goes my entire childhood right before your eyes.

And they aren’t joking. It really was the belly button of the world. This place was actually called “Gaia’s Navel”. It was a maze of underground caves with a dwarf village hidden somewhere inside. And man, if you hadn’t met the girl by then and gotten her to follow you (or if she did follow you and decided to leave due to your disinterest in saving her boyfriend), then god help you. The bats, the ever-multiplying slimes, and whatever else my mind blocked out will rip you to shreds. The worst part was, you can only carry about 4 of each type of item. That means 4 candies (which restore 100 health). If you’re smart, you saved up a ton of money and visited the traveling cat merchant (creatively named Neko) and bought a whole bunch of other healing items like chocolate and royal jam. But even with all this, those slimes were a pain in the ass, especially if you weren’t leveled up. And that’s inside the Navel’s cave itself. Getting into the cave required you to navigate another spiral maze of waterfalls and grasslands. By the time you got to the dwarf village, you were about ready to save your game and take a break.



Some screenshots from the game, without giving too much away ;)

Link if you wanna play! 



Game dev and Idea goes all too Dominic Szablewski

Very addicting free-to-play browser game, a bit reminiscent of the old DOOM. We’ve been bombarding you with kickstarters lately so here’s a game that should get a bit more attention. Perfect if you’re bored at work or school!

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