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This ever happen to anyone before?

By the way, this was conquest. Yeah. No tank, no support. I think it was Scylla support, not even sure. Either way, that team was trash. I mean, you know it’s going to be an awesome game when the team can’t even get their lanes straight in the lobby. This is gonna be another one of those weekends where I can’t get a single damn win because I keep getting teams like this. Sigh.

The bunker


This is super creepy. What was this place for, who lived/worked here, and how did it become abandoned?

It was a secret military laboratory during World War 2 where they brought people suspected of being psychic. The long unmarked hallways were meant to confuse prisoners should they ever try to escape, and the heavy doors ensured no one entered or exited without proper clearance. The prisoners were confined to small cells until they were needed for experimentation. The Great Hall was sealed by a heavy vault door and housed much of the main equipment and machinery used for experimentation. Once a person was determined to have psychic ability, they were placed into the large machine in the Great Hall, which would allow scientists to study them in great detail. Modifications would be made to soldiers to replicate the state of the psychic prisoner’s brain in an attempt to create “psychic soldiers”.

Many people lived and worked in the secret underground facility. Security guards maintained order and were responsible for ensuring the facility remained hidden and word of their work did not reach the outside. Engineers maintained and operated the equipment such as the ventilation system, air and water pumps, and other machinery. Scientists performed extremely unethical experiments on prisoners with little regard for their comfort, recorded data, made calculations, and attempted to understand the nature of psychic power. All of this was overseen by Commandant [redacted] who reported directly to the high command, and Lieutenant [redacted] who was assigned to him.

It became abandoned when the lead scientist, Dr. [redacted] was experimenting on a young female prisoner who was believed to have potent psychic abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, and even the ability to control others’ minds in short bursts. The prisoner was of extreme importance and considered very dangerous and high priority. Her sanity was also beginning to slip, due to being confined for a long period of time and experimented on constantly.

During one late night in the Great Hall, when most of the other scientists had retired for the day, the doctor attempted to put the prisoner into the large machine for a procedure. According to security guards posted nearby, the prisoner began struggling and shouting in a foreign language, despite already having been administered a heavy dose of sedative. One security guard and the doctor were unable to restrain the young woman. It is unknown what exactly happened inside the Great Hall that night, but apparently the security guard called on the radio for backup. There was a loud bang, as if a piece of equipment exploded in the room a moment later, and neither the doctor nor the security guard could be reached by radio following the explosion.

When additional security personnel arrived on the scene two minutes later, they forced the vault door open. Much of the equipment was in disarray, indicating a violent struggle had taken place. The doctor and the security guard were on the ground, discovered to be dead. Their eyes were found to be bloodshot, and small amounts of blood had trickled from their nostrils, ears, and eyes. No other open wounds were discovered on their bodies. It is unknown how the woman escaped her restraints and was able to leave from a sealed room. She was never found.

In the weeks after, reports of a “presence” began to surface. During the late hours of the night, security guards, engineers, and scientists claimed to experience paranoia and the inability to concentrate, as well as feelings of being watched. Some reported seeing a figure resembling the missing prisoner wandering the halls. According to most reports, she appeared lost and distressed, displayed erratic behavior, and made “unnatural” movements. Any attempts to approach the figure resulted in severe and sudden headaches, dizziness, and in a few cases, triggered extremely uncharacteristic behavior and uncontrollable urges to attack co-workers. The figure would usually disappear around a corner, fade into the distance, or appear to fall through the solid floor plating. Sightings and incidents continued to intensify over the coming months, and many personnel either resigned their commission, pleaded for a transfer, or were put on medical leave due to their contact with the figure.

A total of five security guards were also reported inexplicably missing after they exhibited what colleagues described as “odd behavior”, such as showing up far from their posts with no knowledge of how they got there, staring at an empty wall with a bewildered look for extended periods of time, or mumbling nonsensical phrases. Two of them were found, both dead in a remote part of the facility where they had apparently written strange messages or symbols on the wall just before death. The whereabouts of the other three guards remains a mystery to this day.

Soon left without enough people to maintain the facility, it was shut down and abandoned, with the remaining personnel reassigned elsewhere.

(So how was it? Opinions? Thoughts? Comments?)


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(found this picture and decided to do a short writing prompt)
"Hey! Are you alright? What happened?"

"Oh, I get it now! The coordinates were backwards!"

"What the…"

"Hey, at least we know for next time, right? Heh heh heh…"

"There won’t be a next time when the administrator finds out. How are we going to explain this?"

"Um… maybe we could turn the picnic table and trees upside down to match?"

"You’ve got to be kidding me. We need to correct this! How long will it take to perform another jump?"

"The equipment needs to charge up for at least 40 minutes. Another five or ten for the initialization sequence."

"We don’t have that much time! The administrator is coming in a half hour. Oh man, he’s gonna rip us a new one…"

"We could always hide for an hour and use the next jump on ourselves."

"You better get the calculations right this time."

"Don’t worry, I know of a nice little place far away from here…"


How about some Cyberpunk

Pictures like these are really fascinating and inspiring. They get the creative juices flowing and make me want to write. Maybe you could use these pictures as a creative prompt. Ask yourself, “What’s going on in this picture? How did things lead up to the moment in this picture? What’s going to happen next?” Create a mini story in your mind, and then get it down on paper.

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